Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Report and SAT's results

Well, I'm not sure whether to be thrilled with the results, annoyed with the Small Boy or cross with school!

SAT's results

Speaking and Listening - Level 2
Reading 3 (comment in report said "strong level 3")
Writing 2A (comment in report said "with significant elements of level 3")

Mathematics - Level 3 (comment in report said "strong level 3")

Science - all elements - Level 3


Generally good, but lots of it very general to all children, Lit, Num, Hist, Geog, Art, Tech and Music all written by the supply teacher before she left at Easter. ICT, PE, RE, PSCHE all written by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Dance/Gym written by the company who deliver PPA cover, and Science and General Comment by his current class teacher.

General comment praises Small Boy for his academic success, but refers abruptly to his refusal to write anything in Literacy and Letters and Sounds lessons, his innate stubbornness and his ability to quickly and ably complete tasks when faced with missing break or lunch time.

Annoyed that the Small Boy has behaved like that - and cross that the school has let it get to that stage and not told us!

Small Boy has been offered a summer of diary writing to improve speed, reluctance and stubbornness, which he is seriously not impressed with. Watch this space!

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