Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fantastic writing session today!

Gosh, Small Boy has done well today!

1. cursive handwriting - il, it, lt, ul, ut
2. spellings practise for school - half, your, would, here, there
3. Recount - opening sentence (when, where, why, who, how)

Small Boy wrote:
Last night I went to the Opera house to see Horable histreas with my mummy and daddy.

4. Discussed time connectives. Small Boy had 10 minutes independent writing then to continue with the recount. He wrote:

First I sore the Romern armey singing a song, next a wumern apeared and seid "you carnt bild a road threw my farms. its bendey." and the Romern armey seid "aaaaaa!" because they are frirtnd of the werd bend.

5. Up levelling work.

We up levelled each sentence, by adding adjectives and adverbs, and using other words instead of said.

It ended up as: (now correct spellings as I wrote each sentence out and he added adjective and adverbs in the spaces!)

Last night I went to the Opera House to see Horrible Histories with my mummy and daddy. First I saw the fierce Roman army singing a song loudly. Next a disgraceful woman appeared quickly and shouted, "You can't build a road through my farm. It's bendy." The Roman army screamed "aaaaaaaa!" because they were frightened of the word bendy.

A very rewarding session, and Small Boy was incredibly proud of his work today!
Just spent a pleasant 45 minutes watching these videos online and completing the adverbs quiz (all three levels) so Small Boy now knows all about adverbs, adjectives and connectives! I wonder what effect it will have on his writing later?

Friday, 4 November 2011

weekend plans

1. cursive handwriting - lt, il, ut,
2. recap recount writing - who, when, where, why, how, time connectives.
3. uplevelling work - higher level connectives, adjectives, adverbs - what is small boy's knowledge of these?
4. write a recount of theatre visit
5. select sentence to uplevel