Wednesday, 31 August 2011

oh dear!

Oh dear, good job I'm really not home schooling! Holidays and other things got rather in the way. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow! There is definitely a postcard owed to start with.

Over the last month although we haven't had any formal lessons, I have noticed Small Boy writing more without being prompted - he has done puzzles, written lists, written down things he needs to remember (like the name of the song and band he needed to google!), scores for games and other similar things. Which is all good and I'm pleased with.

I will sit with him again before we go back to school to remind him of the writing tips and tricks I've taught him, and to do some handwriting to get him used to it again.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Session 7

1. 2 mins handwriting - o - very quick at this today

2. discuss the book he read he wants to write a review for - this took a bit of dragging out - he kept saying it had a beginning, middle  and end and the author made it interesting! Even by asking specific questions I still couldn't get a sensible answer ("I like the punctuation!"). Eventually I wrote the start of sentences and he finished them off. This site helped - It was incredibly hard work and he was extremely awkward, finding every excuse possible not to do anything. It took about 40 minutes!

3. write book review in rough - part of above

4. best handwriting - book review for library - no problem! Funny boy!

Edited to add:

Small Boy also read a book for Circus Stars and did some horn practise. Marvellous!