Saturday, 14 April 2012

More SAT's practice

We had another 2 agonising sessions of questions on the Level 3 reading SAT before it was done (the story part). The non fiction part was a different kettle of fish altogether, and he did it in one go without any fuss. I think he now knows there are 3 different types of question to answer - one where they give you the answer, and you either tick a box or write numbers, one where you find it in the text and copy it, or one where you actually give your own opinion. The biggest problem is the amount of writing required to answer a question - anything more than one or two words is viewed as too long and will take him too long to do, so instead he'll have a temper tamtrum and hope that gets him out of it (it doesn't!). He is also a master of excuses before he starts - too hot, too cold, thirsty, finger hurts, too tired, can't read it (he can) etc. etc. etc.

We will be requesting more of the fiction comprehension and less of the maths homework I think after this holiday!

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